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"This gain'd a prize medal 1772", Webbe proudly notes at the top of the score in the printed copy bound into Volume 9 of the Canterbury Cathedral Library's collection. It should come as no surprise, given the seriousness with which such prizes were contested, to find that this piece is a miniature gem of the genre: to words by Webbe himself, a slow introduction in a foreboding F minor grimly depicts the "dire sister of the slaught'ring power" (War itself, we would guess) and its inexorable growth. A second, faster section vividly portrays the dread result: "she stalks on earth and shakes the world around". The antidote, of course, in a lilting, final, triple-time section in the tonic major, is the "lovely peace" with which the work ends; "soft ease" prevails, and the only reminder of what had preceded it is heard in the momentary darkness of a chromatic secondary dominant 7th just before the final cadence banishes such clouds for ever.



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