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Berg, George
Catch 4 voices None
Anon Catch 4 voices None
Purcell, Henry
Catch 4 voices Here's another catch presenting a character much beloved of catch composers: the wife whose…
Webbe, Samuel, the Elder
Catch 4 voices This salutary tale of the hapless Thomas - woefully abused by his wife, but "too proud to take…
Baildon, Joseph
Catch 4 voices There's really no doubting what it is they're asking about. This is probably one of the more polite…
Webbe, Samuel, the Elder
Catch 4 voices What starts off sounding like a solemn injunction to beware the sin of pride rapidly becomes a…
Webbe, Samuel, the Elder
Catch 4 voices These tiny catches capture a certain poignancy within their little form: this one marks the passing…
Smith, John Stafford
Catch 4 voices One is left to guess at the activity which kept poor Sally so preoccupied...
Hayes, William
Catch 4 voices One cannot but be charmed by the comment at the head of this catch: "The first part is, in many…
Flackton, William
Catch 4 voices William Flackton was a boy chorister at Canterbury Cathedral before becoming apprenticed to one…
Hayes, William
Catch 4 voices This unusually solemn catch is an epigrammatic lament on the death of Orpheus. It's worth noting the…